Andres A. Ramirez
Cinematography - Director of Photography


Andres A. Ramirez is an Ecuadorian-American Cinematographer based in Los Angeles that turned his visual arts passion into a full fledged career and business in the film industry. Formally educated in art school, Ramirez’s keen interest in film photography later matured into his love for storytelling and Cinematography.

The film industry fulfilled his need for a fast-paced commercial work environment that demands the knowledge of a technician in cameras and lighting but the sensibilities of an artist. He has travelled for documentary films to Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary , Spain, France, UK, Portugal, Mexico, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Belize, Ecuador and many other countries. As a director of photography and camera operator he has worked on commercials involving brands such as Toyota, Adidas, Adobe, Budweiser, Life-water, Pandora, Masterclass, XM Radio and much more.